James Calpis

Soft metallic forms compressed into an invisible block
Display typography placed over thermal hand image
Photo shoot of studio credentials book cover placed on bench
Photoshoot of M.A.M. livery hi-vis decal
UTS Data Facility
Preparing exterior signage pieces for company Blue Boots
Digital art; Running human figure made of particles.
Computer generated image of sphere shattering from impact
Electric Spray paint abstract graphic
M. A. M. Automotive Detailing logo
Deploy Icon for runnit_ web app
Computer generated Qantas logo
Toyota packaging; ellipse form debossed into packaging material
Qantas Plane tail at Sydney Airport on a rainy day
Photograph of wet car surface reflecting Ampol signage
Sydney Mardi Gras street posters. Poster artwork shows close up of mouths eating Sydney Mardi Gras shaped lollipops.